Constantly Spawning 4 Man Squad of The Possessed
Will Run To Invade your Enemy's Base and Engage Anyone along the way
When One is Defeated Another Spawns To Take Arms

Protected by a Guardian Cyber-Mancubus
A Ray Shield Protects the Power Core until the Guardian is Killed
When the Guardian is dead, you have a window to attack the enemy Core
The Guardian will Respawn and Reactive Shields After A while

Every Base has an Enemy Staging Point near it.
A Team must hold the point for Several Dozen Seconds to Capture it.
Capture Progress does not Reset Until the Camp is Captured
Upon Capture...
Summon a Mancubus General That Pushes into the Enemy Base
Spawn waves of 3 Minions at a time
Defeat the General to Push Back the Advance and Recapture the Camp

5 Different Classes with unique Stats, Weapons, and Equipment.
Every New Level Awards new Gear, More Power, 2 Stat Points, and an Ult at Lvl 5
You Can Switch Class at anytime, but Experience is Reset.
Credits are kept even after switching classes

Earn Experience and Credits, the Currency in the War
Gains will slowly increase passively overtime
Small amounts of Gains are awarded when an Enemy Minion or Merc Dies.
Last Hits Award Double Gains and A Small amount of Ammo
Larger amounts of Gains are awarded for Player kills
Even Larger Gains Are Gifted Upon Core Guard or Boss kills

Start at Level 1
Can Level Up 4 times to Level Five
Must Confirm Level Up By Pressing "Taunt 1" Button
Each Level Gives you
Slight stat increases
2 Talent Points to Spend on Stat Upgrades
A New Ability or Weapon

Every Class Has A Level 5 Unique Ability
Activated by Pressing the "Chainsaw" Button
Offer Huge, Temporary Advantages

Sells Power Weapons that are Lost Upon Death, or Confirming A Level Up
Sells A Haste Powerup to get to the Front Lines Faster
Conscript A Rampaging Hell Knight Against Your Enemy
Only One Team can have A Merc Active At a Time
Change Class and Lose All Experience, but Keep Credits
Spend Stats Points To Increase Your Power
Purchase A Level Up

Has a Creep Camp that Continually Spawns A Farm Demon
Holds a Secret Shop that Sells Powerful Artifacts
Houses Health and Ammo Fountains
Holds Home Base Recall Teleporters Deep In Enemy Lines

Home to a Neutral Demon that Guards the Neutral Shop
Slightly stronger than a lane pushing Minion
Respawns frequently
Is Killed when a Merc Unit is summoned and Does Not Respawn Till its Dead

Sells a Regen Powerup
Sells a Quad Damage Powerup
Summon a Offensively Powerful Revenant Against Your Enemy
Only One Team can have A Merc Active At a Time

Every So Often a Supremely Powerful Baron Of Hell will Spawn
Defeat him to gain his Servitude in your War.
Worth Many Credits and Much Exp

First Blood Boss
Spawns in the Middle of the Map at the Start of Every War
The Slayers are rewarded with Substantial Early Game Experience and Credits

Base Fountains Regen Health Ammo, AND Armor
Stay in the fountain to continue gains
Fountains further from bases resupply more slowly and do not resupply Armor

You Can Call Your Army Back to your Base by Sacrificing Your Forward Troops
Gives Normal Gains to Your Enemy for each Minion Sacrificed
Minions Will Begin to Spawn In Your Base Shortly After

Displays Current Credits
Experience Till Next Level
Your Current Level
Stats Points That Currently Can be Spent in the Base Shop
Ultimate Ability Ready Status, Duration, or Cooldown Time
Your Current Stats